Identity Without Authority: A Decentralized ID System for the Whole World
Daniel Jeffries

I really, really want to believe in Cicada, but I see a few launch challenges:

  • Reputation: You give no indication of who’s behind the project (dev team, funders, supporters) — it’s completely anonymous. It’s even unclear to me what your role is. As you’ve pointed out, trust is what matters. You haven’t addressed this crucial objection.
  • Branding: Your Laughing Monkey and image of a fly are creepy. Just telling it like it is. If you want the masses to adopt this, you need a trustworthy brand image. Your white paper is good, but no-one will read it if they’re spooked by conspiratorial objectives.
  • Plugging in: Someone has asked the question about how the HUID will integrate with the existing system. Your answer requires a lot more thought. For example, I won’t be able to replace with passport with a Cicada ID, so what need is this replacing in the short term?

As I said, I really want to believe in this, but have you thought through how you bring this to market?

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