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I see a lot of this kind of complaint on Medium, and I have to say that my experience has been completely different, particularly after culling all the writers of pithy self-help stuff I had somehow accidentally followed (I believe there is a link between Twitter follows and Medium follows, but I haven’t had the chance to figure it out yet.)

The “pushing into obscurity” is not the doing of Medium, but a reflection of mass think, which you will find on every platform, including your nice quiet place in the country. I’ve made it a mission to avoid mass think and instead carve out my own place on Medium. I’m looking for depth of engagement rather than number of followers, and I’m delighted with the results so far, even though my Medium statistics are tiny compared to many.

Horses for courses, I guess. I’m very happy with Medium right now (after a very rocky start in which I nearly threw in the towel.)

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