My concern is in the intersection of consumerism and capitalism, so I find it hard to unpack.
Thanks for all your thinking and writing about UBIs, Scott.
Ruben Anderson

I’m struggling with this one too, Ruben, and I found the following two videos useful.

Andy Stern: There Is a Way to Stop Machines From Making Americans Poorer

Andy Stern recognises the danger of technological advances dragging down the economy by reinforcing unemployment and inequality, and he argues that a guaranteed universal basic income for all citizens is key to sustaining demand. Here’s how he explains it:

Alan Watts on Socially Responsible Automation and an Unconditional Basic Income Guarantee

Watts suggests that our fixation on jobs is a relic of a pre-technological age. The whole purpose of machinery, after all, he says, is to make drudgery unnecessary.

You might also be interested in the largest experiment in history happening in Kenya.