If I open up a book that I picked up at the local used bookstore and begin reading only to find out that certain passages had been highlighted by a previous reader, I won’t read the book
Literature Interruptus
White Feather

Interesting… I don’t like reading a physical book with highlights and notes either, so you’re definitely not weird that way. Somehow I’d never made that same connection to the reading experience online.

So, I can’t help wondering, why do I highlight? I’ll have to think about this, but I can say that when I read an article on a non-Medium site, I miss the ability to highlight. Perhaps it’s a question of “ownership.” I love highlighting and scribbling in a book I’ve purchased, but reading something online implies no ownership. Therefore I should have no right to highlight. But why then did Medium implement the feature? Hmmm…

Thanks for adding a perspective I’d not previously considered. (And I’ll be sure to refrain from highlighting your posts in future ;)

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