Patriarchy to Matriarchy is merely a symptom of this awakening.
I believe many 50 year-olds are on a similar journey.
DataScience Oxford

Interesting that you say this, and I respectfully disagree (unless it’s just semantics we’re debating). In the work I’ll be releasing I’ve laboured to avoid discussions focussed on symptoms, while digging deep to find root causes. Patriarchy to Matriarchy is the best framework I’ve found so far, hence the 2100 Pendulum. Even the passion you refer to is a matriarchal (right brain) quality.

That said, I totally agree with your observation that “unlearning” is the challenge of the 21st Century. We have a long way to go to unlearn models that worked for a good few hundred years, but that simply no longer serve us.

Look forward to learning more from you — now following.

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