The only question left is who will take the leap, and start a people’s venture?
A People’s Venture
Dan Finlay

Loved your view of Utopia — got me really excited, because — except for the agricultural example, it’s what a startup I am involved with is planning to launch later in 2016. Wish I could say more, but for now I have to bite my tongue and simply say “watch this space!”

Incidentally, many of your flat- and self-management suggestions have been codified in Holacracy:

Finally, I’m very interested in your views on Ethereum. I’m trying to get my head round how it can be used as an operating system for a People’s Venture, so I reached out to their CCO, Stephen Tual, who pooh-poohed my understanding of “smart contracts” and pointed me instead to their white paper, which is total gibberish to me.

If you have the patience, I’d love to start a dialog on how you see this working.

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