I probably just need a little vacation from Medium. Getting zero views, zero reads, zero recommends and zero depth of engagement is only frustrating if those things are something that one desires. So any frustration is solely my creation.
Thanks, Michael.
White Feather

May I be blunt about why (I think) you’re not getting engagement?

You’re not baring your soul.

Your writing is awesome, but you’ve chosen to hide behind a pseudonym. I understand why, but first time readers of your material might not (I was put off initially by not knowing whether you were man or woman).

Right now I have more followers than you. I honestly don’t know why. Your writing is way better than mine and I’m not engaging in any shenanigans to increase followers, because that metric is meaningless to me. So there’s something else at play.

I would suggest trying the following:

  • Real Name (or if you insist on remaining anonymous, a recognisable human name)
  • An engaging profile pic i.e. of a human (doesn’t have to be you)
  • An intriguing sub-title (“Novelist, author, and publisher” doesn’t inspire me to dig deeper, and that’s all I have to go on when hovering over your name on Medium)

I’m not for a minute suggesting these are silver bullets, but I’d certainly try them before throwing in the towel.

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