There’s a whole swath of America that I think feels that they don’t have a sense of purpose. They don’t have pride. They don’t feel respect. If a basic income works financially, fine — anything to try to deal with the income disparity is a useful thing up to a certain amount. Some people are literally starving in America right now, which is crazy. But work is not just about money. It’s about purpose. The money is there after that to give you a sense of pride, of purpose, of structure. Work is much more of a social thing and a psychological thing than it is about a financial thing. If we don’t have to work and we all have free money, what’s going to give us purpose?
Joi Ito Explains Why Donald Trump Is Like the Sex Pistols
Steven Levy

Please don’t think purposeful work is only an American challenge. Millions in developing countries perform menial labour, which is about to be replaced by robots. This issue of purpose is a global issue, and it’s pretty serious and pretty urgent.

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