has been moving on the male half of the swing now for a few thousands of years.
In the reality of duality in which we live pendulums are forever swinging back and forth between…
White Feather

Really appreciate your insights, White Feather — mirrors what I too have thought for many years.

However, I’m curious about the timescale you refer to. Would you not refer to the Renaissance period as being a period dominated by feminine energy? Since this occurred in the 14th to 17th Century, that’s at most 716 years ago.

I personally believe that the pendulum has swung back and forth at least a dozen times since the start of the Iron Age around 800BC (although I can’t find anyone who has made a formal study of this — pointers welcome!)

The timescale is important because the next cycle is, in my view, much closer than your article suggests. Would love to know what you’re referencing regarding the “few thousands of years.”