In generating your list of characteristics, are you sensing much overlap?
I’m always trying to distinguish between causation and correlation; and I’m always trying to use…
David Ng

That’s a great question, and the short answer is no, but I need to explain where and how this writing is unfolding.

The ideas are coming to me as a “stream of consciousness” — not as any well-developed ideas that have been tested either in the laboratory or in life. It’s like hundreds, or even thousands of seemingly disparate ideas that have developed over the last 20 or 30 years have miraculously (as a result of our discussions) smashed together into one (to me) meaningful, sensible way of living.

The WPI is the foundational basis of building a transcendent society. Am I clear exactly what the WPI looks like, consists of and is calculated? No. Am I clear on how a society could function with a WPI as the central tenet of that society? Yes.

So, I’m relying on people like you to take the initial ideas and modify, add to, subtract from, question, criticise and generally improve to something that’s workable. Perhaps once I’ve got everything written down I’ll come back and tweak. For now, I am constantly aware of my own cognitive bias. I know it’s there — I just don’t know how to remove it!

Incidentally, and I guess I should mention it in the original article, these characteristics are simplified from Maslow’s characteristics of a self-actualised person. So they haven’t come directly from me.

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