It has been just under 12 months since I took the leap and competed in Luxembourg for the Culinary U-25 team Canada. Remember in my last blog post I said, “stay tuned for what’s next”?

Here’s what’s next.

Prior to leaving last November for Europe, I had a vison in…

First Day of Competition

There is only one thing better in this world than absolutely loving what you do at every second. That is sharing the love and passion with other people who want to reach the same goal.

Mid Competition Action Shot

When I first joined Culinary Youth Team Canada, I had an…

The Road to Luxembourg

I still remember it like it was yesterday. The day I knew I wanted to cook for the rest of my life.

Grade 10 we were given our final assignment for our food and nutrition class. It was to cook a meal for family where we…

Michael Hauschild

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