Why Human Capital Still Reigns King in Business (at least until AI comes)

I’ve thought a lot in the past year plus about the most important assets to have in a business. Running lead gen and sales dev teams at an enterprise startup, we tout the technology and our product as the key to why companies should buy our product — it’s what gives them value.

But for business, human capital still reigns king (at least until AI arrives) when measuring across industries, models, and countries. It’s the reason why the both the largest and most presitigous accounting firm in the world where I started my career at and the then 20-person startup I joined a few years later have the same value and emphasis when it comes to what their core competency is. Here’s why…at the end of the day on an adjusted basis (sorry I won’t be dogmatic and give you and end all solution), people still drive everything in a business.

Who plans, designs, implements and evaluates the killer process put in place to drive efficiency? Who lays out the set of policies that deals with frustrated customers to turn their negative sentiment into an incredible customer experience? Who makes the decision to rewrite the architecture of the application, perhaps sacrificing short term gains for long term scalability? Who tests and then pushes the button on the automation software that personalizes the engagement of the customer based on their actions?

The keyword found at the start of each sentence is “who” and not “what”. People ultimately drive business forward today, and whether a global services firm or 1-person lifestyle internet business, at the end of the day there is someone with the vision and taking the actions to drive things forward…..at least until AI comes ;-)