Sometimes You Have To Get Your Gears Dirty

I woke up at 5:30 this morning to a nice breeze blowing in my window, the sound of rain falling and my beautiful wife sound asleep beside me. It was one of those perfect moments to start the day.

The evening before I had received a message from a good friend about going mountain biking this morning and here I was lying in bed feeling conflicted between continuing to enjoy the comfort of my bed, the cool breeze and the warm bulletproof cup of coffee that was teasing me on the horizon versus going outside in the rain (now it was pouring), getting wet and dirty.

The conflict between being comfortable versus being uncomfortable.

So I texted my friend… Should we reschedule for later in the week?

And then I got a wake up call… my buddy texts me back… man we are getting old.

I was shaken out of comfort. Seriously, we never would have ditched out on a ride 10 years ago. Is 36 years old the tipping point?

We went biking in the rain, the mud… and had a really great time.

My gears got dirty.

When and how do we get soft, not necessarily physically, but mentally?

And to what purpose does that serve us to become better versions of ourselves?

At some point if you have been even moderately successful you have been teased by comfort, and at times have given in at the price of growth.

What drives us to push through this?

I am a firm believer that who you surround yourself with is extremely important and this morning I was surrounded by somebody willing to push me, to help me get uncomfortable, to grow.

Thanks Josh.

Now I am typing this up, drinking my bulletproof coffee and am going to have a much better and more productive day because I got a little uncomfortable first.