Chrome 86 introduces security and performance improvements by way of DoH, mixed forms, domain only URLs, and caching mechanisms.

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Is your go to browser Google Chrome? If not, then here are some features that might make you think twice about switching. If you’re already a satisfied customer, be aware of the changes that are coming.

Let’s dive right in and see what Google’s releasing in the 86 update that increases security for the end-user and boosts performance.

DNS over HTTPS (DoH)

Built on top of HTTPS and designed to improve user security and privacy while browsing, DoH functionality is a game-changer and provides encryption for DNS queries. …

The do and don’t of asking questions for your feathered friend.

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The internet is full of information and it seems like bird lovers have a new question to ask everyday.

This the nature of having birds because they are not something you buy and forget about, no animal should be treated like that.

Instead, they are full of life, love, anger, and laughter.

Knowing how and when to ask questions and communicate with other avian lovers is important for your knowledge and to help you constantly improve the life of your feathered friend.

If you have questions, love parrots or just want to hang around other parrot lovers, this article is for you. …

There’s a reason you don’t go to parties or have any friends

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Photo by Ahmed Nishaath on Unsplash

Why are you always the one seeing the good times instead of experiencing them?

It’s not a secret that you don’t fit in. You are weird and there is something about you that’s different.

I have been there and done that.

We spend many hours of our week involved and consumed in other people’s lives without experiencing it with them.

Seeing all your “friends” having fun and going out to every party possible while you watch on Instagram or Snapchat can make you feel lonely.

Just last week they were on a boat in the middle of the lake and now they’re gearing up for a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas. …

Most of us are conscious of what we put in our body but what about our brains?

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Image courtesy of David Matos on Unsplash

If you eat junk food all year, you will feel it and your body will tell on you. Your brain is the same way as what you consume is reflected in your actions, mood, and ability to process thought.

Have you ever stopped to think about what you are feeding your brain everyday and how that is impacting your interactions with friends, family, co-workers, and your mental health in general?

If you are like 99.9% of the human population then the first thing you check when you wipe the drool from your mouth in the morning is your phone. …

Learning to code can come with a steep learning curve, and there may be some setbacks. These tips can help

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Photo by RobHiggins on PixaBay

Think about it, in today's world we have access to more information than generations before us. We can learn so many things and use what we learn to have a hobby, job, startup, volunteer, etc.

There are hundreds of programmers that have developed breakthrough solutions and actual products. You know what, they started from scratch just like you.

Most people that become programmers are driven, and driven can mean you set unrealistic expectations for yourself, which can cause you to lose motivation in any given task or goal.

I want to share with you some things that helped me get through the struggle of when I was first learning to code. …

Do yourself a favor, and stop being distracted by new frameworks and programming languages

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Photo by Verena Yunita Yapi on Unsplash

The truth is, I’ve stopped learning a technology dead in my tracks just to jump onto the next latest and greatest thing. For example, I stopped learning Angular to learn React, and I stopped learning ASP.NET 5 to learn ASP.NET Core. I wish I’d have slowed down and learned a technology all the way through before moving on to something else.

The above are two examples of me ruining what I’ve learned in the past just to jump on the latest-and-greatest technology stack. …

Being a programmer means free lunch, coming to work late and leaving early, a free gym, and those awesome sleeping pods, right?

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Image Courtesy of PrettySlepy on Pixabay

We’ve read the stories and watched the videos about people going into work late and leaving early while only writing a few lines of code.

They talk about how excited they are and how the horrible world they used to know no longer exists.

They're making good money now, going into work late and leaving early, and eating free lunch every day. Sounds like the dream job, right?

A lot of online resources talk about the good side of being a programmer, but let me shine some light on the bad.

First off, being a developer today is somewhat of a big deal, and there are lots of people trying to get into the field. People are finishing boot camps, dominating their classmates at an Ivy League school, and even learning on their own. All this just to become a programmer. …

Every day is a learning process regardless of how long you’ve been programming

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Image courtesy of nastya_gepp on Pixabay

The internet is flooded with posts from people who wish they could set the clock back to the good ol’ days when they were a young whippersnapper.

They think it’s too late to start learning something, so they wish they had just started earlier in life.

“What if I fail?”

“I wish I would have …”

“I’ll never get a job as a programmer if I start learning now.”

Yadda yadda yadda … the list goes on.

Get over yourself. You can become something if you really want to.

I have been programming professionally for years and have been around all types of developers — old and young. They all started with a want to become better at something in life; just like yourself. …

Let’s talk about automated testing methods like unit tests, end-to-end tests, and integration tests

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Photo by David Travis on Unsplash

If you’re a senior developer, you must know how to write tests. Don’t know how? Then you’re probably more of an intermediate-level developer, even if you have a senior position at your company.

If you’re a junior/intermediate-level developer and want to become a senior developer, you must have unit testing on your resume to get a better job. Most good companies with good programmers practice unit testing these days.

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.” — John Ruskin

By the end of this article, we’ll have discussed certain aspects that unit testing can improve within your team, such as development costs and the cost of manually testing your code. You’ll also learn about the types of tests and how you can benefit from automated testing. …

don’t act like a leader, be a leader

A picture of a main just finishing putting his tie on. Where are words over the image that say “Follow Me!”
A picture of a main just finishing putting his tie on. Where are words over the image that say “Follow Me!”
Image Courtesy of Tumisu on Pixabay

Of course, you can go to a leadership class or get your PMP but that does not mean you are a leader. You may be put in a leadership position but as I said, that doesn’t mean you‘re a leader.

What determines a leader is how they interact with the team, treat their peers, and ultimately how they compare themselves.

These traits are usually only found in people that are born with them but after a lot of practice, you can develop them yourself.

Trusting Your Team

Trust — being able to stand up for and in front of whatever product your team builds and having the courage to stand by it. …


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