Oh nono let’s get one thing straight you do it for the greater glory of you.
Don Jefe

The ‘little folk’ are getting trampled no matter who wins! I do get what you’re saying though. The Democrats will never be so obviously racist/misogynist/xenophobic as Republicans, but that does not make them tolerable nor adequate leaders. Democrats speak the language people want to hear but they don’t care about your skin color/sexual orientation/gender as long as buy into the economic system in place. The system in place makes sure those most vulnerable are exploited. People don’t like Trump because elites don’t know what he’ll do. They know exactly what Clinton will do: continue to disenfranchise the vast majority of Americans (no matter who they are). Your point is the one that has made me really think about what my decision will be (haven’t voted yet) but I would be a fool to vote — or do anything political because voting is only one tool politicians use — out of fear. Living in fear, we will never ever produce leaders we are actually proud of and would do the work the people advocate.

I don’t suffer as much as others in this world, true. But voting for anyone that ensures suffering is prolonged for everyone is not my idea of a vote well spent either. The election is a foregone conclusion: someone harmful to the people of the US will be elected. It’s the discourses that evolve from election season that truly matter now because there is no progress being made when fear gets your vote.