Are You Fucking Kidding Me
Hillary Clinton [parody]

Well, shit! She proved she was just “acting” while she stood so reposed, so cock-sure of herself with that smirky little smile during the debates! Now, we see who she REALLY WAS! Can you imagine all this LANGUAGE coming out of the mouth of a president? Not that Trump is an angel by any stretch of the imagination — -with his now infamous “grabbing pussy”! But, at least Trump isn’t an “actor”! Trump is what he is!!! But NOW we see how phony Hillary really was!!! Hillary, while you’ll never actually see this comment, you have had an absolutely grand, marvelous political career! You are super rich! You have a wonderful family who loves you! You lived for eight years in the fucking White House for Christ’s sake!!!! Even had some major authority granted you by Billy boy!!! And IF you wanted, you could still be a state senator! You are not the first higher level politician who has made a run at the White House and got beaten out!!! Most of those just went quietly back to whatever position they previously held. And if you’re too tired to do that — -where would you be if you HAD made it into the White House??? That would have no doubt kept you in power for another eight years!! Was the only thing keeping you going for this long just the thought of — -so close you could smell it?? The ideal of being first to break your “glass ceiling”??

Take what you have, which is a whole bunch, and gracefully retire, and show pictures and tell stories to your grand kids!!! And be a “good” loser!!