Baseball, Breitbart and the post-factual society in action
Craig Calcaterra

Kudos on calling out MLB on low paying, entry level jobs. The relationship between this practice and the current racial makeup of the front office…that’s a solid analysis.

It’s was difficult to ignore your main assumption though:

Lack of diversity in the MLB front offices is a problem. Also, that homogenous groupings are somehow less effective or productive than diverse groupings.

The above link takes you to Samsungs board of directors. Every single one of them share the following characteristics:

  • All members are male
  • All members are Asian

Would you say Samsung has a diversity problem? Do they need to fix it? And if so, in what ways does this homogenized Board of Directors suffer as a result of their apparent exclusive hiring practices?

You based your entire arguement on statements regarding diversity and homogeneity, respectively. I don’t think I’m being unfair in pointing this out. I have given you an example that implicitly contradicts both your statements. It is not my intention to get into an entire discussion about diversity. I merely wanted to point out that statements, central to the arguement, be soundly supported.

Thank you.