Samsung is a Korean company operating in a homogenous country.
Craig Calcaterra

Lol. True.

I extended the charity principle irregardless. I simply wanted to call attention to it.

It was interesting to read your experience with Breitbart. I used to read them quite often but this past year I have noticed a change in tone. Also, I could not abide their unapologetic campaign for Trump.

Sadly, you can expect more of the same in the future. If you understand Steven Bannon’s personality and ideology, this should come as no surprise. The stories circulating about anti-Semitism are completely false. The White Nationalist narrative is partially true but it’s packaged within an intentional falsehood, so it’s false by association.

The only thing Steve Bannon craves more than power is vengence. Seriously. He takes great satisfaction in destroying anyone who opposes him. On election night, Ben Shapiro, outspoken critic of Trump and Bannon (he worked side by side with Bannon for years) said that if Trump wins, he [Shapiro] will be expecting the IRS to audit him. “I’m not joking, Steve Bannon is going to viciously attack anyone who opposed Trump…that’s what he does.”

Breitbart is transforming into the right wing version of Media Matters.

Also, I was kind of turned off when you went after the comment section. Attacking your opponents readership is kinda cheap.

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents. Really good article.