Democrats can’t have both
Brooke Butler

This…this is unbelievably offensive. I have to ask, who are you talking to? Seriously. If you came up to me and started in with this non sense…I would walk away. Wouldn’t even say a word. Why? Because after hearing that kind of talk, I’m anticipating being punched in the face.

I’m mean, what could I possibly say in such a conversation? The answer is nothing. That’s exactly what white people have been saying: nothing. How do you start a dialogue when someone informs you that your mere presence is a form of aggression?

The irony here is that you talk of white supremacy, giving a detailed historical account of how whites have been at the center of all things oppressive. Do you know what actual White Supremacists believe?

They believe that whites, specifically, as a race, are inseparable from European civilization. Western Civilization is only possible because of whites. Which means it has to remain “pure”…all because they believe in an erroneous and tailored narrative of hate.

These kids making Pepe memes and “edgy” posts, aren’t white supremacists or “alt right”…but if you never learn how to talk to them, if you never let go of a historical narrative that demonizes them…I can guarantee you they will turn to individuals who will tell them they should be “proud.”

The “alt right” is real. When you label everyone white a supremacist, you only help them hide in plain sight. Hate begets hate.