A Canadian Beer Story

Back in Canada for a few days. Lots of talk about Canada in USA today. People love Trudeau, single payer health care, immigration policy. Not too much talk of high taxes, a neglected military, rationed healthcare. I could drone on about the difference between US and Canada, but thats another blog and there are lots of advantages to both of my countries. But let me be clear, Canada is better at beer. Its not close.

I was reminded of this on my current visit. Let me just recount a few ways:

Canada has Specialty Beer Stores

Here is a picture of one.

I know Americans pride themselves on being able to buy beer anywhere grocery stores, liquor stores, convenience stores. But in Canada we have big ass specialty beer stores. Think Costco, but just beer. Its a specialty store, you buy beer there. No Rose, No Peach Schnapps, No crappy Jose Cuervo Margaritas, No Doritos, No Beef Jerky. Beer is the only thing for sale.

And there is a lot of beer, many choices, large volume. They are never stock outs on any items. All Beer. All the time.

Canada has Beer drive throughs and Chiller rooms

Canada makes beer efficient. If you don’t want to get out of your vehicle, just rollup and order. Very important when the walk across a windswept parking lot at zero degrees Celsius could freeze the soles of your Nikes.

Once you are in store, you can stroll into the chiler and grab a case of your favorite brand off a palette of beer. No worry that the beer will be lukewarm and certainly no worries that they will not have your brand in the quantity that you want.

Look at this picture of palettes of beer. I think a life goal of mine is to roll in ask them to use the forklift to put a palette of beer on the bed of a pickup truck.

Canadians order “two-fours”

Not sure Americans know what a “two-four” is. But that is the standard order quantity for beer in Canada. I think the standard order quantity for beer in the USA is a six pack. But if you order a six pack in Canada its like asking for one golf ball rather that an dozen nuggets or walking into the grocery store and asking for two hot dog buns. Its just not done.

So I am happy to advocate for the USA on many things, but on beer, Canada is way better. Not Close. No argument. Just like Hockey.

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