Directionless Down Days

Some days are just Blaaah or Bleggg or however you describe 25% in words. Last week was an incredible week from start to finish. Everything went exactly according to plan and turned out just right. Meetings were shorter than expected, new clients were brought in and the football team which I coach on Saturday, completely amazed me with their performance and won their first ever match. Sunday was spent how they should be, relaxing with family and just enjoying life.

Now it’s Monday afternoon and I am still thinking about all the highs of last week. The only problem with that is, it’s in the past, and I am no longer on that high. Every time I think about what happened last week I am reminded of how much I need to complete this week because of last week. Slowly though the course of the day this has been slightly overwhelming. Being on such a high last week and then going back to a normal week so far today almost makes me feel like I am on a low!

If I could perform so well last week, then why am I not performing like that now, is something wrong, have I lost my Mojo? Nope, I need to remember that there will be days like this. What is important is what I do now and making sure I follow through from the week before. So what now?

Firstly I need to stop! I have taken a break from the day to do this article. When you start feeling overwhelmed, just stop. I know there is an urgency fighting in you to get everything done now, but when your mind is all over the shop and there are no clear priorities, how do you know that what you are doing is even important or relevant? It’s too easy when you are feeling ‘down’ to give up and let the downward spiral continue.

Take stock. Look at the bigger picture of everything that needs to be achieved and then list some milestones you would like to achieve for each item. Also list anything that has a deadline approaching, if you said you would deliver something on Tuesday and it is Monday afternoon, you may want to move that up your list in a minute.

If you have anything urgent that needs to be dealt with immediately, pick that one item and nothing else. Forget about everything on your list and concentrate on just that. Remind yourself that you have your neat list of things to do and that you will get back to it as soon as you have finished your pressing task. As you continue working on the urgent or pressing issue, if you think of other things to do, add it to your list. Don’t stop doing what you are doing.

Once you have finished your first task, if you are anything like me you will feel some sense of accomplishment and hope for the next task. Don’t stop, take on the next item and start getting them ticked off your list. And although this is not as great as having an awesome week full of rainbows and candy, at least it’s not being useless. Hopefully by the end of the day or week you will also have a sense of accomplishment.

The important thing here is to identify quickly when to stop. Don’t let yourself spiral into a world of despair and unproductive worrying. Now its time to go grab a cup of tea and get onto making my list.

Choose your own direction!