Run It Down — 2018 NA LCS Spring Playoffs — 3rd Place FOX v. CG

(2) Echo Fox v. (6) Clutch Gaming | (3 - 0)

*Note: Sorry this one (and the next one) took so long, I’ve been out of town for work for the last week.

If you jumped on the Clutch Gaming bandwagon after their massive upset against TSM in quarterfinals, you probably found yourself hopping off after their performance this last weekend. It seems that CG pulled out all the stops for TSM and had nothing left for the rest of playoffs. Like I mentioned in the CG semifinals article, their five-game series against 100 Thieves left much to be desired, from both sides. Clearly, CG has what it takes to be a top-tier team, but maybe they need to work on nerves or playing under pressure for next split.

Throughout this short-lived 3rd-place matchup, Echo Fox completely styled on Clutch. CG’s draft phase was also totally transparent. In Game 1, they funneled four bans onto Huni; in Game 2, they double-banned FeniX and Altec; and in Game 3, CG banned one champion each for FOX. Kudos to them for switching it up, but they clearly had no answer for FOX whatsoever. Dardoch’s Olaf ran circles around them in the first and second games — which prompted the Olaf ban in Game 3 — but in the end, it didn’t matter. LirA has been a shadow of his former self the whole split, and was exploited to no end in this series. Similarly, CG’s solo-laners were each entirely outclassed, leading to an utter stomp.

Clutch’s Game 5 against 100 Thieves lasted 74 minutes; the combined game times in all three of their games against Echo Fox was 75:41. FOX shut down CG so dominantly, that — had it not been for three kills in Game 2 and two kills in Game 3 — FOX would have perfect-gamed CG two games in a row…in the NA LCS 3rd place matchup. In reality, I’d love to do a normal rundown of this series, but when Clutch Gaming did hardly anything correctly, it’d end up being a verbal beatdown in favor of Echo Fox, just like the games.