Top Free Agents for the 2018 NA LCS Spring Split

Picture courtesy of lolesports


  • DIG Ssumday — The ex-KT Rolster top laner, once considered one of the best in the world, followed in the footsteps of former World Champions Piglet and Impact by leaving the LCK for North America. He’s only played for two splits, and while Dignitas has had dominating runs, the team has mostly fallen short of expectations with him on board. That being said, Ssumday is far from his peak. Even considering his team’s overall performance, he has the 3rd-highest KDA (3.8) of all top-laners, behind Counter Logic Gaming’s Darshan (4.2) and Immortals’ Flame (4.1) and has the highest kill participation (69.6%) of all top-laners, period. He would be a strong addition to any of the 10 teams participating, let alone the four roster-less newcomers.
  • NV LirA — Despite being on one of the worst-performing teams throughout their NA LCS tenure, LirA has consistently been a top-performing jungler. After the 2017 Spring Split, a split where NV was dead last in the standings, he was voted to the 1st NA LCS All-Pro team, beating out IMT Dardoch by 11 points. In the 2017 Summer Split, he led the league in kills (129) and XP difference at 10 minutes (196), with the latter more than doubling the next best player in the same category, CLG OmarGod (88). On a team with better laners, LirA’s full potential could be unlocked.
  • P1 MikeYeung — Mike ‘don’t call me Mike ‘Rookie of the Split’ Yeung’ Yeung was the breakout jungler last Summer, coming in 2nd in kills (118) and 3rd in kill participation (74.8%). Unfortunately, although MikeYeung had a strong debut, Phoenix1 struggled as the split went on and they ended in 10th place. As an NA local, however, MikeYeung is one of only two junglers from the four teams that is not an import, the other being IMT Xmithie. Since this affords owners more flexibility when setting rosters, MikeYeung is in tier S.


  • NV Hakuho — For some, this may come as a surprise. Just like his jungle counterpart, NV’s support actually played incredibly well given their performance in the split. He led in wards cleared per minute (0.54) and placed top 3 or better in wards placed per minute (1.49) and KDA (4.3). He was also 2nd in percentage share of team deaths (17.1%), with only P1’s Shady having a lower percentage (15.4%) through 13 games compared to Hakuho’s 47. With impressive recent showings on Ardent Censer supports and tank supports alike, Hakuho has come a long way; don’t be surprised if he’s one of the first free agents picked up.
  • DIG Altec and Adrian — Dignitas’ bottom-lane stepped up a lot and was a large contributor towards their surge towards the end of the split. When they were on separate teams, Flyquest and Phoenix1, respectively, they performed about average. Once they joined together on DIG in the summer, they were arguably in the top 4 bottom-lanes in the league. Their contracts have expired at the same time, but that doesn’t guarantee they stay together. If one of the new teams picks up both of them, they may find success again in the coming split; otherwise, they may return to their mediocre form.




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Michael Hsieh

Michael Hsieh

Esports. Film. It’s all good.

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