A Call for Accountability

These are turbulent times. Racism seems to be coming out of hiding, incarceration rates are the highest in the world, politics have sunk to new lows, and our government insists on unrestrained spying on it’s own citizens.

This in the land of the free.

Our one defining characteristic as nation has become fear — fear of foreign terrorists, fear of domestic terrorists, fear of the police, fear of those who disagree, fear of the “other” presidential candidate, fear of 3rd party candidates, fear of the economy and fear of virus-carrying mosquitos.

This in the home of the brave.

Hate boils over…in our political rhetoric, our communities, our homes. We delight in spectacles of hate and cheap drama, and even something as innocuous as comments in a blog bring out droves of “trolls” gleefully tripping over each other as they compete to generate swirling clouds of digital hate.

And we self-righteously declare “In God We Trust” and call ourselves a “Christian” nation.

I’m here today to call out the bullshit and place the blame squarely where it belongs.


To be more specific, I accept accountability for this massive fuckup.

I once identified with one of the major political parties. I allowed my love of freedom and fundamental belief that people can take care of themselves with minimal interference to be coopted by a gang of thugs. I believed them when they said those other thugs “over there” were far worse. I accepted that looking the other way was ok, as long as the “other guy” was more terrible.

I accepted uncritically that drugs were bad and that a “war on drugs” was an acceptable way to deal with this “scourge” with the associated violence and minimum sentences against dealers and even users. Somehow I believed that putting addicts in jail made sense.

I accepted uncritically the magical thinking that “terrorists” existed outside of ourselves who hated us because we were the good guys, and that a “war on terror” was an acceptable way to deal with this situation.

I accepted uncritically that our freedoms were threatened by far-away countries for one bullshit reason after another, and that it was acceptable to send our children to these remote places to kill and be killed in a perpetual “war of freedom”. We can just call our dead children “heroes” who died defending “freedom” and it’s all good.

I twisted and turned and navigated best as I could this maze of hate and fear and constantly shrinking freedom, until I couldn’t. I accepted that my world-view was consistent and rational until I didn’t. I trusted my country’s institutions to have basic decency, until I wouldn’t, any longer, deny the wrongness of it all.

My bad. I have a lot to fix.

I no longer accept that the assertions of others, whether people, institutions or philosophies, trump my own inner knowing. My intuition, based on my inner knowing and seasoned by my life experiences is all that matters. I reserve the right to be wrong, spectacularly wrong, about anything, and I will always be open to learning something new, but I declare my sovereign right to be my own person, pursue my own values and desires, judge my own integrity and accept the consequences of my actions as the learning opportunities that they are. I create my life with my passion, and invite my soul-brothers and sisters to join with me on a voyage of expansion and continual growth as we create something brand new in the world. I’m not here to bring down the existing rotten structure. I’m here to bypass it completely, make it irrelevant, and join with others as we barely notice its passing. We will be too busy creating healing and growth, building sustainable and congruent structures of our own, and ushering in a world of peace, tranquility and beauty.

My particular contribution is the work Freyja and I do with our clients. Together we create spectacular, powerful transformation as we hold safe space and coach our clients through the process of releasing their stored life trauma. It’s the most dramatic, powerful and satisfying work I have ever experienced!

If creating your purposeful life without stored trauma resonates with you, send me a private message to arrange a free Life-orienting phone call, or visit our website at www.inannasanctuary.com where you can learn more.