Fixing the corrupted election process in just a few distinct steps.

  • Repeal citizens united. As a part of this and admittedly another step, an amendment to make it illegal for presidential candidates to communicate with lobbyists for an industry off of the record. All communications with lobbyists and representatives of corporate interests must be recorded and public access.
  • Removal of super delegates in any party. All elections primary or not for or related to government office may not have their democracy compromised by the few.
  • Set the maximum personal donation in legislation to a presidential campaign to 5% of average income in the USA. While personal freedoms are important, it’s important that no individuals views overwhelm another’s due to the amount of money they have.
  • Set a limit on the amount total that can be collected/spent on a campaign to $50 million dollars with a clause for congress to adjust this based on inflation once every 10 years.
  • National debates hosted on a government ran and operated public access channel that is simultaneously streamed. To enter a debate you need 100,000 physical or electronic signatures as well as meeting the eligibility requirements to hold office. Hosts of the debates will be elected democratically. Topics for the debate will be publicly polled electronically in a democratic fashion.
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