Gregg Hirshberg

I think it's pretty accurate. I too will say Jordan is the greatest and its not really that close in terms of career. I don't have as much patience as you to have done the research but i still don't remember what happened with pistons and why they weren't challenging the bulls for longer.

I think one of the biggest factors was Phil Jackson for all 6 of his rings. Neither Jordan nor Kobe won without Phil. Also, his front office put talent around him. For the 2nd 3peat they got him kukoc, harper, rodman and many able-bodied roll players in longley, kerr etc.

You hit some key points as far as all the great teams of the 80's just fizzling out for various reasons right as Jordan was hitting his prime. Len Bias' death and Shaq and Penny breaking up kinda took some of the threats out of the east. After that, he just had the knicks and pacers to beat and they just didn't have enough fire power to beat the bulls. But due to his 1st retirement he didn't have to play Hakeem and Drexlers Rockets in the finals. I think he may have caught an L against that team but we'll never know.

Yeah he was lucky in many regards but he prepared himself to take advantage of the circumstances and not many players could've done it as perfectly has him.

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