The reason I ask is because I’m tired of Democrats saying “We came so close!”
mara byrd

It’s a fair question. And yes, the dem candidates have lost. By very slim margins in districts they never had a chance of winning to begin with. I’ve noticed that the dems ain’t very good at showing up to vote during special elections, and barely do better at midterms. They show up on presidential elections if, and its a big if, they really like the candidate. In georgia, about as many that had came out and voted for hillary came out and voted for ossoff. In all of these special elections about as many dems are coming out as the repubs. That ain’t the normal pattern. And it is a good sign for the dem side. Most of the “safe” districts for the repubs are not safe enough to weather that type of onslaught. The repubs know this. It is why the blindly devoted followers on this site and others are doing everything they can to change the story. They’re worried. If they can convince dems there is no hope, then the dems won’t go out and vote.

Losing doesn’t change policy, that’s true. It’s also true that following the path the republicans took ain’t gonna win elections for democrats either. The dems need a vision, they need to stop playing defense, and they need to stop just being against trump. He sucks, we all know it. Republicans control the white house, senate and congress, they control a majority of the governors mansions and state legislatures. Highlight that, they are the ones driving the car, don’t let them blame the dems for what is going wrong. Keep the light on them, its their show right now. They wanted the spotlight, let them have it and keep it on them! Find a vision, something the party can get behind as a whole, make it comprehensive, not single issues. Make it about our lives. Education, health care, retirement, employment, job training etc etc. Find that vision, and hold it up for all to see. Don’t keep defending the past, present the future. Publically offer to work with the repubs, and when they rebuff cause we all know they will, highlight that politely, and smack them over the nose with a newspaper just like a dog that pissed on your carpet. Keep doing it. With that vision, and a vision of unity, where the parties would work together, which is the only way any lasting change happens, would be very appealing to people. A future, and one which would be lasting is what people are looking for. Can the dems do it? That I don’t know. It would be nice for at least one party to have a vision for the future though…

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