I provide concrete examples of amendments made to address Republican concerns (elimination of the…

Keith, I don’t think you’re going to get through to this one. He wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and bit him in the ass. Look at where he stays in your conversation.

He started with “The original Obamacare Bill was indeed completely written behind closed doors with only Democrats and industry lobbyists allowed into the rooms. Once it was written there was some discussion with Republicans concerning amendments, but even that was sparse until Kennedy died and they lost their super majority”. You gave a timeline, which matches both archived media reports and congressional record. He replies to that with an insult, “As usual you prove how uninformed all Liberals are”. Then he lies cause he can’t defeat the timeline you posted any other way. “As far as your timeline is concerned, it is simply not true, as they say history is written by the winners of wars so Liberals attempted to claim there was all this open debate but there was not”. He went way over the top when he ended with “Yes, there were hearings, and some details were released from the few Democrats and lobbyists writing it, mostly vague, but the actual original Bill itself had not a single Republican in the room”. He just can’t help himself. What he accepts as truth is anything but. “I accept the fact that Obamacare was written mostly behind closed doors and the clim Republicans had input is a lie”, “Republicans did not get any significant amendments passed and had zero input in writing the original Bill.

What he is ignoring is that the root of the aca started in 1993, when Senators John Chafee, Chuck Grassley, Orrin Hatch and with input from their other party members crafted their own healthcare policy, and were willing to negotiate and cut a deal with the democrats and Clinton who refused to talk negotiate. When they were desperate in 1994 cause they couldn’t pass it on their own they looked to the republicans, who no longer had any interest in working together with the midterms coming up fast. So reforming healthcare policy then died. In 2007 the senate finance committee started having hearings on healthcare reform, talking to all aspects of the healthcare and insurance industry. In 2009’s spring, working with Obama’s white house, they formed the gang of six, Baucus, a democrat and the finance committee chairman, and Grassley a republican helped write the 1993 proposal, convened an informal group of three Democrats and three Republicans on the committee, which became known as the “Gang of Six.” They covered all the ideological bases. The other republicans were conservative Mike Enzi of Wyoming and moderate Olympia Snowe of Maine, and the democrats were liberal Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico and moderate Kent Conrad of North Dakota. They started those talks with the template that was the core of the 1993–1994 republican plan, added in the individual mandate and exchanges with private insurers, and used romneycare as a guide. This resulted in America’s Healthy Future Act of 2009 senate bill 1796. While all of that was going on the senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee passed the Affordable Health Choices Act senate bill 1679. Both were created with bipartisan input. The house passed their Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act house bill 3590, and sent it to the senate. Republicans there had refused to participate. Reid knew he couldn’t pass the house bill, which republicans had refused to participate with, so he scrapped that and merged the two senate bills which had been crafted in a bipartisan manner, openly. So instead of the liberal plan out of the house, we had a moderate plan out of the senate. McConnell, had already stated there would be no cooperation on anything major, he used the kinds of oppositional politics that critics had already left voters cynical about Washington, the Senate dysfunctional and the republicans without a positive agenda or message. He was able to test the democrats ability to govern by themselves with his party obstructing everything. The republicans stayed unified. McConnell said the unity was essential in dealing with Democrats on “things like the budget, national security and then ultimately, obviously, health care.” With the aca he said in an interview “It was absolutely critical that everybody be together because if the proponents of the bill were able to say it was bipartisan, it tended to convey to the public that this is O.K., they must have figured it out,” Mr. McConnell said about the health legislation in an interview, suggesting that even minimal Republican support could sway the public. “It’s either bipartisan or it isn’t.” Even the republicans who had supported the two bills that became the aca switched to crying that they would create “death panels” and “kill grandma”. Their voting base loved the obstruction.

So we got where we did. The aca passed with only democrats, and the fixes to problems that arose that were supposed to come never did cause the dems lost the house. Since 2009 the only vision the republicans offered was to repeal the aca. These bills this year, 8 years later, are their new vision. It is too funny, and really ironic, that they are now so upset that the dems are using their own tactics against them in the exact same way. The sad part is we end up with people like louis. Who will screams how bad it was for dems to do this (even though they didn’t), and in the next breathe use that lie to justify his party doing it. He supported the repubs being the party of “no” when they opposed the dems, but bitches about the dems saying no to the repubs. Since he can’t converse on the merits, and the only “agreement” he can accept is if someone agrees completely with what he is saying, he is left with outright lying while accusing everyone else of being a lair. The main issue is what everyone should have learned from history. If a major bill is passed by only one party, it only last until the next one takes power, which will happen. The dems in 1993 tried and failed to do it alone, in 2009 they worked with the other party, but in then end passed it alone, and now in 2017 the repubs are going to pull it down and pass their own version alone, and it too will be gone the next time the dems take control. The repubs had a chance in 2009 to have a say, in the house they refused, and in the senate they helped craft it, but left it hanging. Now they deny the dems any input, and no amendments, and will pass it all alone. It is already guaranteed to fail. He just can’t see that cause he only wants to attack the dems.

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