I do not think Trump would be shown to win the popular vote, but I do believe the States are scared…
Louis Weeks

So the vice chairman of the committee, who sent out the letter asking for this information himself, and whose state has strict voter id laws, is scared that if he turns over all of the information he requested it will support voter id laws that he fought for in his own state, same as Indiana’s current law… Mississippi is also scared that their strict voter id laws will support voter id laws just like theirs and that’s why they ain’t gonna turn over any information at all… That must mean Alabama, Utah, Wyoming, Louisiana, South Carolina, Michigan, West Virginia, Texas, Georgia, Montana, North Dakota, are all refusing to send part or all of this info cause they are scared of voter id laws too. Funny, I hadn’t heard that fear of voter id laws was so widespread in the republican party in the states, or that Kobach had changed his mind about it and done a complete 180 on the issue.

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