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Watching this whole hootenanny is almost the same as watching that commentary comedy mst3k. We’ve got the show in the background…

  • A friend and foreign national (brit) sends Trump Jr an email on behalf of another foreign national (russian), offering the Trump campaign damaging information on Hillary, that’s “very high level and sensitive”, that is “part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump”.
  • Jr “loves it” and decides to try and get it even though he he is told that the person he is going to meet with is a “Russian government attorney”.
  • He has the meeting in an attempt to solicit the information.
  • Over a year later it’s found out this all happened.
  • Jr says he didn’t get anything out of it or want what was offered so it don’t count but the russian lawyer offered information.
  • The russian lawyer says she never offered anything but Jr kept asking for information that could damage hillary.
  • The Russian-American citizen, who lobbies for russian interest and was also there says that Jr ask for information, and the russian lawyer brought a folder, offered it, and left it with Jr.
  • With what is known, Jr attempted to solicit information to benefit a federal campaign, from a source that it is illegal to receive it from. In campaign world this really ain’t a serious breach in the law, it’s just a small fine and you get told how naughty you were. It’s about equal to getting pulled over driving 5 miles over the speed limit.
  • With what is know, Jr, the campaign manager Manafort, and the Presidents son-in-law Kushner (now an advisor) were willing to work with the Russian government to get Trump elected. Given what they were told in the emails and walked into the meeting believing they clearly attempted to work with a foreign government (russia) to aid their campaign.

All while this script is on the screen we have the President of the United States, his administration, his son, and all his devoted followers riffing all over it. They’re saying

  • This is “fake news” because the source who released this information is not named. (This don’t matter cause Jr released the emails confirming it.)
  • Jr was just “inexperienced” and didn’t know any better so this isn’t a problem or an issue. (Well, not knowing the law has never been a legal defense, the campaign manager DID know better, and he went to the meeting too, and a current advisor to the President also went, Kushner, so if hes so inexperienced that’s he’s unable to learn what he can and can’t do, he sure as hell shouldn’t be an advisor with security clearance. If Jr is so inexperienced or naive that he cannot be bothered to learn what he can and can’t do, it’s a little funny he was left to run his daddy’s company.)
  • Just meeting with a person of “russian heritage” ain’t illegal. (That is a true statement, it just leaves out a whole hell of a lot of detail. There are american citizens of a foreign heritage and talking to them, or even working with them ain’t illegal. A campaign just talking with a person who is a foreign national ain’t illegal. The point here is a Presidential campaign met with a foreign national, whom they were told was tied to a foreign government, to get information about the opposing candidate from foreign government passed to them through said foreign national. That is illegal. It’s also funny cause they are all giddy that people are being denied the ability to enter the country just because of the “heritage”.)
  • Agreeing to the meeting to get the information ain’t solicitation, it was just a foolish decision. (Well, the law is pretty clear on that, “requesting, encouraging or demanding someone to engage in criminal conduct, with the intent to facilitate or contribute to the commission of that crime” is solicitation, he “loved it”, agreed to the meeting, set up the meeting, and by his own admission tried to get the information at the meeting. That meets the definition of solicitation. And being “foolish” ain’t a legal defense either. If he, the campaign manager and current presidential advisor are that “foolish”, then the President surrounds himself with people who are “foolish” to the point of incompetence, which means he’s pretty foolish too.)
  • Jr didn’t break any law cause he never actually took anything from her, all sides agree on that. (Well, all sides don’t agree on that. Jr says he didn’t take what was offered, the russian lawyer says she never offered anything, and the lobbyist says the russian lawyer left everything with jr. So all sides don’t agree on shit, these idiots are just trying to claim that Jrs statement represents every side and facet of this, which is beyond lying.)
  • But the Steele dossier! (This ain’t even a comparison, Fusion GPS was hired by an american who was not working for a campaign, they hired a foreign national, and in the end it was not given to Hillary’s campaign. This ain’t the same by any means cause Hillary’s campaign had nothing to do with it.)
  • Jr was set up, cause Fusion GPS worked with the russian lawyer before, and Fusion GPS got the steele dossier. (It is idiotic to try and make people believe that Fusion GPS, who does have some ethically questionable practices, set up Jr for the dems. These morons are trying to convince people that there is a conspiracy which would not fit the timeline of events. A Republican donor hired Fusion GPS for opposition research, and stopped paying AFTER became Trump the nominee, which was June 19th 2016. They were then hired by a Democrat donor who paid until the election, November 8th 2016. And they think that supposedly, fusion gps convinced TWO Trump family friends, one a Brit publicist, and the other a Russian Musician, to help them set up Trump Jr by emailing him on June 3rd and setting up the meeting. Then they were going to sit on that for a YEAR before the information got released instead of releasing it immediately to damage his chance of becoming president, just like they sat on the steele dossier until right before his inauguration to damage him. Since the dems didn’t think Trump would win the election, it is beyond stupid to think that they paid to have a dossier created not to damage his election chances but to damage his presidency that they didn’t think he would get. It is beyond stupid to think that the dems paid to set up Jr, and get the bonus of the campaign manager Manafort, and son in law Kushner, and then not use it to damage his election chances, but instead save it for a year to damage his presidency that they didn’t think he would actually have. It takes a special kind of stupid to actually believe or even try to spin out that kind of bullshit.)

It’s amazing the the level of stupid they can hit just so they can keep their blinders on and their ears plugged.

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