What? How is it illegal?
Louis Weeks

“ What? How is it illegal? You need to- offer the actual law you believe was broken. Just accepting information from any source is not illegal.”

The source is the issue. If the information had come from an American, and he had not accepted it, there wouldn’t be an issue. If he had accepted it then the only issue would be that the campaign properly documented it, that law is 36 U.S. Code § 510. The issue here, and the law you ain’t apparently aware of is 52 U.S. Code § 30121. That law applies here cause a foreign national emailed jr to arrange a meeting with another foreign national, to provide his daddy’s campaign with something of very great value. Opposition information from a foreign government. The law says they can’t give it to the campaign, so he couldn’t accept it on behalf of the campaign. Just by going as far as he has admitted, and proved by posting his emails, he provided assistance to a known foreign nation in her attempt to break the law. That is against the law, and due to CFR Title 11 statue 110.20, the penalty is a fine up to $5k and they shake their finger at him and tell him he was a naughty boy. If he took accepted any information, which is the question now, it was knowingly by his own admission, and that would escalate the offense to being charged. But regardless, he already broke the law. Now we get to wait and see by how much.

“ Besides, it was an offer of information, no actual information changed hands.”

Right now it’s the offer that is in violation of the law, cause it was not only implied but clearly stated that jr would be provided with valuable opposition research from an illegal source. Looking at this without emotion you can’t say that no actual information changed hands. Jr hasn’t been honest about all this and muddied the waters himself, and now the little russian lawyer is saying he’s lying. People looking at this emotionally are going to claim he’s lying and he took something, or that he telling the truth and he took nothing. Without emotion, he’s a lot like the boy who cried wolf, and what he’s trying to claim should be taken with a grain of salt, cause we’re gonna have to wait and see what the investigations find.

“ Facts do matter, all you have are your emotions.”

Facts do matter, which makes you saying it kinda funny. You’re dancing around trying to say that he didn’t accept any information so he did nothing wrong, when setting up the meeting to get the information was wrong. You’re saying the source don’t matter, which first the law says you’re wrong, and second it’s a little odd for a person to be perfectly ok with ANY foreign government aiding ANY political candidate in our country. You’ve been saying that just having conversations don’t matter, when that ain’t true either. Here’s an example, if you meet up with a drug dealer looking to buy some dope, and they don’t have any but they offer you meth and you say no, the cop that overheard you can still arrest you for the attempt to solicit something illegal. It’s the attempted solicitation that’s the problem, it don’t matter you didn’t get what you was looking for. And that’s the problem here, he attempted to solicit the information from an illegal source that was offered, whether he got it or not don’t matter, he still solicited it. If you think any this is worth getting emotional over, hey that’s all you. Funny thing for this being factual and not emotional, I’ve posted the laws, and the whys, you offered nothing but a demand for proof of what laws apply when you ain’t proved anything, a lie (Just accepting information from any source is not illegal.) It is for a federal campaign, and then your own opinion ( no actual information changed hands) there ain’t no proof either way if he did or didn’t. That all seems very emotional. You have a great night, and good luck with your flawed defense of jr!

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