They could investigate who paid for the Steele dossier. I would be in favor of that.
Karl Rowley

“who paid for the Steele dossier”

Fusion GPS an American company sub-contracted and paid British Orbis Business Intelligence (co owned and operated by steele) to create the dossier.

Fusion was first hired by a never-Trump Republican’s super pac, when Trump won the nomination, he stopped paying and a Democrat Hillary supporter paid for it to continue to be put together for a while. When he stopped paying Fusion around the election for further research Orbis Business Intelligence chose to finish compiling further information without being paid, giving copies to the British GCHQ, FBI and Fusion GPS who had originally hired him. Fusion GPS then shopped around trying to find people willing to pay for it. The really funny part is that the Republican and his super pac didn’t get the dossier, and the Democrat who then paid for a few months didn’t end up with it either. The only one who made out was Fusion GPS, who made a profit by subcontracting it out, and then getting a final product without having to continue to pay for it. They didn’t make as much as they probably wanted cause the FBI got involved and they were forced to stop trying to peddle looking for buyers.

The only question left is who the repub and who the dem were, and they’ve both claimed through Fusions lawyers that they cannot be identified cause they weren’t part of a campaign, and it’s their free speech rights to hire a firm for political opposition research. But given this fell under the FBI’s investigation, the smart bet would be that the FBI knows who they are, and after all the smoke clears and the final reports from the investigations come out they’ll probably be doxxed then.

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