When We Elect An Ignorant President….

For the last week or so, Donald Trump has been publicly shaming Jeff Sessions, a 20+ year highly regarded conservative Senator who was the first Senator to publicly endorse Trump and has stood by his side through the election. Trump is angry because Jeff Sessions followed the law and recused himself from anything connected with the Russia-Trump collusion investigation AFTER Trump appointed him for Attorney General. Trump is clearly worried about Special Council Muller investigating his possible collusion with the Russians in the 2016 Russian hacking of our elections to help Trump get elected and he is worried about Muller’s investigation into Trump’s personal finances, which which appear from all accounts in the press, to be totally wrapped up in laundering money for Russians.

This Trump attitude tells us two things for sure: (1) Trump has absolutely NO awareness of, nor respect for the law, and (2) Trump has no problem openly having double standards. On one hand he complains because Sessions recused himself from the Russia election hacking probes because he was legally bound to do this since he was part of the Trump election campaign, but on the other hand Trump apparently feels justified in saying Muller should be fired for conflicts of interest because Muller and some of his appointed attorneys may have supported democrat politicians in the past. No one else in Congress seems to hold this view and Muller has received near-universal praise from both sides of the aisle for professionalism and ethics.

A third thing this attitude tells us about Trump is that he is, quite likely, a criminal. We will not know this for certain until Muller presents his findings and recommendations after his investigation is complete, but right now, that yellow-haired fellow that looks, walks and quacks like a duck is giving us all the appearance that Muller WILL find something criminal in Trump’s past.

This is what happens when the electorate is not properly informed or chooses to ignore obvious red flags about a candidate’s behavior. This is what happens when we (or anyone) elects someone to fill the job of President who is incredibly UN-qualified for the job. Trump has NO law degree and proves every day why and how that is a HUGE disability for him and our country. (Of course, even WITH a degree in the Law, one can still be pretty stupid. We see attorneys showing up on various cable news shows all the time who support Trump, bending the law in knots every day to justify Trump behavior that is simply unjustifiable.) One also needs to be ethical and willing to admit when they are wrong and grow while in the job if one desires to be President. Trump has proven over and over that he has absolutely NO capacity for this. He has also proven repeatedly that he demands loyalty to HIM, not the office of the Presidency or the US Constitution. These are the biggest lessons we are learning about Trump as we watch him do his best to compel Jeff Sessions to resign so he can (presumably) fire Muller.

This is a constitutional crisis for our nation of great proportions.

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