Listen more.

Your customers don’t need another tweet, status update, or post. They don’t need another app, redesign, or chatbot. They don’t need your new-fangled, AR-driven retail environment. They don’t need another gimmick.

They need you to listen.

They need you to listen to what makes them tick. They need you to listen to the challenges they face — day-in, day-out. They need you to know who they are — at their core.

And no, I’m not talking location and demographics — those are table stakes. I’m talking about the stuff you’re too scared to ask, too scared to source, too naive to figure out how to get because it might be hard. You know the psychographics, the behavioral nuances, that meaty contextual stuff — the why’s.

You know why though, right?

Because every time another organization figures this out. Every time those organizations take the time to do this. Every time an organization listens, and then finds an insight, and then delivers something better, all your customers level up their expectation of your experience. And if you haven’t leveled up, you’re easy to forget. Because you’re too hard. You take too much of their time.

Go listen.