Show Up

Show up for your battles. There are going to be a lot of them. They are going to hunt you. They will try to win. Fight. Keep fighting.

Show up for those that you love and who return that love. Tell them so. Tell them how much. Tell them they matter. Tell them why. Hug them big. Kiss them. Dudes get over your bro self and show some love.

Show up for your work. You’re gonna spend an inordinate amount of time working. Do it they best you possibly you can. Don’t shirk it. Embrace it. Make it better every day. Learn.

Show up for your mistakes. You will make a lot of small ones. Keep moving. Don’t dwell. You will make big ones — be prepared for the consequences. Dwell on those. Understand you, and perhaps those affected, will do and say things that hurt. Most of it will be warranted. Swallow your pride.

Show up for your health. You have one body. Worship it. Eat the sugar. Have the lean proteins and tons of greens too. Give back to it. Push it. Ask it for more. Fuel it with good stuff. Repeat.

Show up for your country. Serve. Participate. Vote.

Show up for humanity. Remember kindness — it costs you nothing. Say sorry when you’re wrong. Be open to feedback. Smile at strangers. Find common ground. Recycle. Use less. Buy less. Give more. Travel.

Show up for love. Fall deeply for it. It’s gonna be messy. Your heart will get broken. It will scar your soul. Let it be. Keep loving. Lead with it. Fall again. Deeply.

Show up for you. Show up for your particulars. They make you unique. Embrace them. Talk about them. Live your truth. Live it loud. Live it proud.

But, most importantly, show up.