In previous years, where you lived determined many aspects of your social behaviour. Nowadays, people will look to live in places for different reasons, rather than buy a house somewhere that fits well with their day-to-day interactions. The global village allows us to take these interactions along with us wherever we go. Social media is facilitating a platform for people to stay connected and to socialise, therefore reducing the need to stay grounded in one place.

I have played football my whole like and have always considered the football club a home away from home. I lived right around the corner from the club so I would constantly be spending time there with my group of mates. For me, the club provides a family environment where I feel comfortable at all times. I now live quite a considerable distance away from the club, which is in Camberwell, but having a club Facebook page allows me to never really leave the football club. The constant chatter and banter that was once confined to the locker rooms now goes with me everywhere, permitting there is adequate Internet access.

Initially the thought of moving away from my football club was a quite a daunting prospect as it was a second home for me, but now with the flexibility of glocality, the need to live close to your day-to-day interactions and social hubs are becoming less and less important.

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