• TIL: The comic book character Gwenpool exists. According to Wikipedia she is, “an amalgam of Gwen Stacy and Deadpool”
  • I saw a toothpaste for sale which said, “with cavity prevention”. Why would they make toothpaste without it?
  • Is there a killer app for the Apple Watch yet? Did I miss it?
  • I’m so grateful for the Medium community (and the design community at large) for constantly publishing your thoughts and ideas about how to improve the current state of things and your musings about the future of design.
  • There should be set times/days/weeks where employees have time to learn.
  • “Actions drive feeling, not the other way around”
  • “1 prototype is worth 1,000 meetings”. So true.
  • Surviving your adult life is preserving the confidence you had when you knew nothing.
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