On a Blue Planet….

On a Blue Planet, Long, Long ago…two Evil armies dominated all of civilization. The Whitish Mavens of Hate, and the Fossilly Fools, had enjoyed a long and deeply powerful existence. But they found their very existence threatened by the forces of Freedom and Truth.

The rise of the Evil Mr T, was the last gasp of these two ugly and evil groups. Mr T campaigned using a ‘lynch mob’ style of campaign rally, where he fanned the flames of hatred and distrust for anyone who wasn’t Whitish. To the shock and amazement of all who stood by and watched, Mr T was somehow ushered into a position of Power.

AS we tune into our story, Mr T is busy behind the scenes preparing for the coronation of Exxonerant as the Corporation in Charge. World power will be rearranged to place Exxonerant and the Russian Czar of Darkness at the helm of a new Evil agenda.

But there is a Light on the Dark Horizon…

A new coalition of disenfranchised and naive Audascians of Hope. They understand that Whitishness is losing it’s power base and will soon die a natural death, unless it is propped up by the Evil Mr T and the Forces of Darkness. (They also understand that centralized electric power is no better than centralized government.)

The New Coalition of Justice is inspired and driven to lead the people of the Blue Planet away from the Evil Slave Grid and onto the Mighty Mikero Grid, a series of individually owned Solar Power installations with storage batteries for 24 hour electricity.

Power to the People….Off the Grid!

Fortunately, the New Coalition has a natural hero. A young fighter pilot called Elanish Muskovian, who is the Annointed One who could lead the Forces of Truth to Victory!

But Darth Exxonish of the Evil Empire of Carbon, and his band of Corporate Thugs have an unfair advantage. They are supported by the Orcs of the Banking Industry, who will over run all innocents with a collective vacant soul less stare into the abyss of the Heart of Avarice.

To seal the deal, the agents of Doom for Mom and Pop Middle Class, better known as Golden Slacks (the Internal Masters of the forces of Darkness) are busy populating the new Evil Power Structure with their sons and cousins who have all grown hardened and greedy under the Evil Council of the Golden Slacks Culture.

Mr T is simply a side show.

His job is to keep the naive citizenry distracted while the final transfer of wealth and power looms above them like the Death Star. But Elanish Muskovian and his rag tag band of plucky, naive, and hopeful allies (some of whom are actually billionaires) will be leading an all out last ditch attack on the Death Star.

But…what ho…there is an unknown Heroine…deftly moving with catlike precision…an unknown force, still hidden from the Forces of Darkness and unknown to the Evil Mr T.

Who is this unknown Heroine who could save us from ourselves?

How will we know her?

Will the forces of Darkness prevail and bring upon the land a new era of crushingly high energy prices…starving the innocent lower classes while lining the pockets of the Fossilly Fools?

Or will the dashing Elonish Muskovian lead his rag tag band of heroes (and billionaires) in a last ditch victory over the Whitish Mavens of Hate??

Stay tuned for the next episode of…

Twentyish Seventeen!!