Open Letter to My Fellow Whiteys:
The Angriest Angel

Well non whites are just as guilty for maintaining the sysytem of white supremacy. Take Baltimore for example. 47% of the police force is black with most of its city officials being black s well. Yet the oppression continues.

It’s been said that the criminal justice system is racist and it is as it views society through a white lense. But even if we took the racism out of the criminal justice system it still is an oppressive system that can’t be “reformed”.

Privilage is the anthroprocentric reflection of the ruling tribe within an Empire. The Romans had their supremacy as well as their privileges. Being Roman was the standard of beauty.

The West is like Rome but how it went about aquring the empire was different. The Roman tax system used whatever temple representing whatever religion as the system used to collect taxes. The west by contrast practiced genocide, detroyed the identity of the people they conquered and brought in Christianity which works well as a slaver religion.

You use the term “we” a lot in your piece. Fighting racism starts with reevaluating everything you have been taught and told to be true, from the false history to the religious beliefs of your parnts. You have been sold on a lie and in order to be effective it requires looking at the world without blinders.

You have been taught that the cold war was about capitalist and communists fighting over which economic system was superior. But when you look at the conflict through the lens of race you see white capitalists and white communists competing for resources on the pretext that as a “trading partner” whatever side you chose would keep you “safe” from the other guy while they stole that countries resources. It was about WHICH supremacy group was going to run things.

So racism is destroyed one individual at time. But let’s not forget that the State is the weapon of choice when it comes to doling out oppression.

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