Art Fair Philippines

Enjoy the different art works as Art Fair Philippines brings you the best visual arts of different artists of the country.

In line with the celebration of National Arts Month, students, arts collectors and/or art enthusiast, and artists witnessed the premier arts exhibit “Art Fair Philippines” last February 16–19 at The Link Carpark, Ayala Center.

Art Fair Philippines is the biggest platform for selling and showcasing modern and contemporary visual art of the country. It aims to gain support from the countrymen for Filipino art practitioners.

Moreover, the event also exhibit different art works of 11 artists such as Agnes Arellano, Jose Tence Ruiz, Elmer Borlongan, Emmanuel Garibay, Mark Justiniani, Dex Fernandez, Paticia Eustaquio, WSK — a group of 8 sound artists, Maria Zoleta, Mark Valenzuela, Christian Marclay, Arkiv Vilmansa, and Ronald Ventura. In addition, people also appreciate 40 different galleries such as 1335 Mabini, Art Cube, ARNDT, Art Underground, Art Verite’ Artesan Gallery + Studio, Canvas and a lot more.


When I entered this gallery, I saw different work of art that face in different negativity in life. There are art works that shows loneliness, scared, reality and many more. On the other side, Gallery Orange addresses the reality of life and the personal truth of an individual. It exhibits different art works that describes the truth behind the beauty of an art. In short, this gallery gives us awareness about the issues and/or situation of a person, thing, or situation.

Frelan Gonzaga (

Of Reality And Dreams: Coming to Terms With Now and Tomorrow

“Education is the key to success”

This work of art makes me think about the reality of life of a person who is part of what we called marginalized. The art piece shows different people whispering towards the person wearing “toga” and to her father. For me, this art simply describes the reaction of people about the person who achieves her goals even she or they’re lived in a depressed area. The frustration image on the back of the father signifies the negative feelings that he experience because of his environment. Meanwhile, the eye on the hand of a woman explains that she see everything in their area and whatever situation happen, it is easy for her to murmur or share the information to others.

In reality, people easily judge other based on his or her status in life. Some people perceived that a marginalized is always a marginalized or a rich is always a rich. But the truth is life is changeable. Not all in top will always in top and vice versa. With perseverance and positive attitude towards in life, people easily determine ways on how to cope-up from being poor and stand-up to show that everything is possible. The subject on the art work argues that determination in life will lead into success. People said that “Education is the key to success,” and that is what the father and the daughter try to prove in the painting.

Charlie Co (

Bombing Kristo

Jesus died in order to save us from our sins. He traveled from different places to share the teachings of God. He inspired many people and his followers spread his teachings throughout the world to evangelize different people. his teachings has been continue until now through the church.

Since this gallery focus on the reality of life and personal truth, the painting shows that people suddenly lose their faith with Jesus especially with God. The art also informs people being knowledgeable enough; tend to question all his works which eventually lead to doubtfulness with Him. Moreover, there are several issues in Catholic Church that makes people to weaken their loyalty and faithfulness with Him.

Faye Abantao (

For In Solitude, I’m Least Alone

Every person experience loneliness in several reasons: loneliness from family, friends, love ones, environment, and/or from his or herself. Because of loneliness, people tend to lower or weaken his or her self-confidence to face challenges or to explore different things in his or her surroundings. That is why people who feel loneliness suffer from negative emotions and they stock in their comfort zone.

For me, the subject in the art work shows that she faced different problems from her surroundings. These problems hinder her to show to others who really she is. She always alone and maybe because she gets bullied by her friends or she feels ignored by her family. Meanwhile, the subject also shows that every time she feels lonely, there is no one from her family or friend try to understand and accompanied her.

In addition, the different colors from her body explain that there are people who are always at her side who try to help her. However, since she was afraid to judge by the others due to the past experience, she tries to get alone every time she feel loneliness.

Other art works from the gallery

Joy Ride by Moreen Austria
Mad Love by Jun Jun Montelibano and How Sacred Is Idleness When I’m Least Alone by Faye Abantao

Contemporary Filipino Artists


Best known for her surrealist and expressionist work, Agnes Arellano is a Filipino sculptor that lives and works in Quezon City. She graduated from University of the Philippines last 1971 with the degree program of Bachelor of Art major in Psychology. Arellano received several recognition including “Outstanding Alumna Award” in the field of Art last 1990, Thirteen Artists Award in 1988, and many more. Moreover, Arellano’s works are Project Pleiades, Taomaraw, Flying Dakini Inscape, Body and Soul, The Goddess Revisited, Eshu, Three Buddha Mothers, Mushrooms Dance, Whales Fly, Myths of Creation and Destruction Part II: Temple of the Sun God, Myths of Creation and Destruction Part I, Bosch and the Hallow Men, and Haliya.

Agnes Arellano (

Upon entering in a dark room, Arellano work of arts focused in different category such as mythical, erotic, and religious arts. During art fair, Arellano featured her current piece called “PROJECT PLEIADES,” an art that focused in the four of seven sisters or stars of Pleiades. This art was based on ancient religions and myths that address the ancient values of nurturing, inclusivity, and caring. The four sisters are Dakini — a Tantric goddess in Vajrayana Buddhism. Inanna — a multibreasted goddess of underworld who feeds children who die at childbirth from Mesopotamia, Kali — a goddess of time, death, and destruction from India, and Magdalene –from biblical times that showed that her hands and feet bears the wounds of Christ from crucifixion.

Since these goddesses symbolize the values of caring, nurturing, and other positive values of being a woman, Arellano work of arts convince all of us to discover the importance of these values in order for us to create a sustainable and peaceful society.


Known for being one of the most iconic in making graffiti character, award winning artist and the man behind the famous work Garapata Man, Dex Fernandez together with other artists, invade the venue for this year’s Art Fair Philippines to showcase their work of arts for the art lovers and/or enthusiast in the country.

In an interview with Sara Zielinski of, Fernandez shares that his idea of art was mixing two different elements like anger and joy into one art work. He said, combining this kind of elements will create a new story.

Moreover, the artist described street art as engaging the public viewers to experience art in front of them. Furthermore, one of the best pieces of Fernandez is his personal story of “Garapata.”

When I witnessed the exhibit of Fernandez, I was so gladly that I saw a work of art of one of the famous artists in the country. People may think that an ordinary sketch or work cannot be consider as an art but in reality, art is everywhere. It is depend on you how you will analyze and be innovative in one piece. From the exhibit, I gracefully analyze the medium of Fernandez and I found out that he created an art using the children’s drawing and projector. In addition, he also prepared arts with Garapata to serve as his foundation from his work. He also engaged people to create their own work of art.


Art Fair Philippines is one of the most prestige events in the field of art. This is the time where people visit the area or venue to see, analyze, and experienced different art works of the artists of our country. As the time pass by, art also facing in evolution. Due to the trends or changes that happened in our environment, contemporary artists today easily adopt the situations in order to create an art extraordinarily. Today, an artist has their own medium in creating an art. It can be mixing two elements, sculpting mythical goddesses inspired in ancient situation, and many more.

From my experience, visiting National Museum and Art Fair Philippines has a lot of differences. Art Fair Philippines showcased the modern art of our current artists. While National Museum features different art works of well-known artists from the past. They preserved their arts because we considered it as our treasure. Moreover, in an art fair, you have an opportunity to buy the art works of the artists while in National Museum, they only showcased it to the public. In addition, audience from the art fair was very diverse wherein you will see different people from different level in society. Same with art fair, audiences from National Museum were also diverse but they use the building for educational tour.