Individual Activity #4: Museum Visit 1

Visiting the National Museum makes you proud that you are a Filipino. National Museum is one of the best places that every Filipino must be visit. You will go back in the past as you will see the different artifacts from our ancestors and the different kinds of arts of our national artist. You will also distinguish and encounter the different style of our artist and how art evolves.

The Presentation of the Santo Nino in Cebu made in Oil on canvas by Carlos V. Fancisco

Spaniards are the one who introduced the Catholicism in the country. One of the famous evidence of this is the presentation of Santo Niño to the daughter of a “datu” as a gift to the natives of Cebu. In this situation, Filipino fully accepted the Catholicism and recognized Jesus as a savior. The acceptance of this religion in Cebu triggers the Spaniards to introduce the religion in the whole country as well.

Paris by Emilio Aguilar Cruz (Pen and ink on paper)

The art displays the common life in Paris being the most beautiful city in the world. The painting shows that people in the city have an ability to buy stuff since the country has a good economic trend. Moreover, it also symbolize the social status of people in the country since the two main subjects wear a nice suit labelling that they are rich people. Meanwhile, it can also describe the life of a person while he is in Paris.

Study for the International Rice Research Institute Series (1) by Vicente Silva Manansala (Watercolor on paper)

The painting absorbed the cubism art style that had been developed in the early 20th century. The art present the common lifestyle of rural Filipino people. Fishermen and farmers in the painting show the way of Filipino people in getting food in order to survive. In addition, the painting also presents the common type of community wherein there is a church, house, and citizens.

The Child Jesus Bearing His Sacred Heart by Graciano T. Nepomuceno (Wood and gilt)

The sculpture informs us to have faith with God and strengthen our relationship with Him. It also signifies purity as baby Jesus being nude in the said masterpiece. Moreover, the heart on His hand shows that his love is forever and he always forgive us every day. Furthermore, the sculpture implies that we always remember Jesus from the beginning until on His death. The teachings that He shared to us must be remembered and always be followed.

City Scene (Quiapo Procession) made in Oil on canvas by Emilio Aguilar Cruz

One of the most city scenes that happened in our country is the Quiapo procession. Every year, almost millions of people went to Quiapo just to see and celebrate the feast of the Black Nazarene which known for being a miraculous statue. This scene also informs us that we value our tradition and we continuously celebrate it every year.

Rape and Massacre in Ermita by Diosdado M. Lorenzo (Oil in canvas)

When Japanese conquer the Philippines, Filippinos suffered from different violence made by the Japanese soldiers. Many people died, women got raped, children butchered by the soldiers and many houses turned into ashes. The horror of Manila and in other parts of our country triggers the Filipinos to fight and became “Gerilya” and hide away from the cities. Japanese era in our country simply shows how terrible the life of our fellow countrymen in the hand of the colonizers. They colonize our country to create a government that is in favor to them. They killed many people who are traitor to them and burned important things that are against to their beliefs.

Character in Black by Alfredo Liongoren (Oil on wood)

Black usually associated with formality, death, mystery, fear and/or unknown. For me, the painting simply presents either simplicity or fear of a person towards his or her life. It shows simplicity maybe because the person is introvert and want simple environment. However, it may also shows fear because the person may suffered in traumatic experience that is why he or she wanted to be alone, feel sad, and see things all in black.

Yaman at Lakas (Wealth and Strength) made in Oil on canvas by Butch Claris Soriano

For me, the painting shows that the person has a struggle in life. He was captured by his enemies due to the some issues especially in wealth. But since he wants to fight, he shows his strength just to get his right especially to his wealth.