Suicidal robots, laser weapons, and Kirk Cousins

What I think I saw on the Internet today…a recurring series

Kirk “Black Jack” Cousins

We live in an age that questions everything and believes nothing. #FakeNews and all that. Here’s what I thought I saw on the Internet today — you can totally trust everything you read on the Internet, since seeing is believing. Well, except for what you see from real news organizations.


1. Cyber fired

I would have thought that we would want more cyber protection, not less. Read up:

2. A real frickin’ light saber weapon

I don’t know how to say this. This is really cool, and really terrifying. Nice work, CNN.

3. The Redskins and Cousins

I will never understand in a QB-driven league why the Redskins wouldn’t pony up the money to sign a good guy that is liked by the fanbase.

Maybe if the Redskins President Bruce Allen learned how to pronounce “Kirk” Cousins’ name correctly, they could have gotten a deal done. Cousins’ response to the news on 106.7 The Fan this morning was fascinating:

I’m just going to leave this here:

Yep, that’s the Internet today.