How to Overcome your Creative Block

We have all been in a situation where we have a project in line and our minds just freezes. Isn’t it? It’s because our creativity gets blocked. Creativity blocks or barriers is the inability to be creative and ingenious. No matter, if you are a writer, musician, designer, performer, they all get creative blocks where they are unable to think different. It is often caused by stress, workload, worries, but it must not prolong for more. In the context of design, a creative block cannot persist for long. Designers need to be imaginative, thinking out of the box and designing unique designs.

“Most artists have experienced the creative block. We get stuck in our work. We beat our head against the wall: nothing. Sometimes, it is because we are trying something at the wrong time.” — Lukas Foss.

Here are few ways how you can overcome your mental barrier,

1. Try a new location:

Our minds often seize when we spend time at a particular place. Why don’t you try a new place, a new room when you are in a thinking process? Try it! You will notice that changing your seat with affect your creative drive.

2. Ink your ideas:

A designer always thinks before he inks. Ideas are like air, they come and pass by, if you do not write or save them, they will vanish. If you have your thoughts noted, you can create a mix and match among them coming up with a new creative idea that boosts your minds.

3. Stay Focused:

A creative block often arises from the inability to stay focused on a task. Cut down the unnecessary task, prioritize your work and brainstorm. Practice focus by turning off all interruptions and committing and concentrating your attention on a single task, and you may be able to open the locks on your mind.

4. Change your perception:

How can you get a good design? A good design whether it is a logo design, web design or any other, how can you stay creative and unique in all designs? Do you know how the online design companies are working and how are they so successful?

It is because they are unique in whatever work they do. Try stepping out of your shoes, your shared mindset, think different and work differently in all cases. If you get to stick to your old patterns, you will never be able to overcome your creativity barriers.

5. Work within Boundaries:

It sounds vague if a creative person is asked to think within limits, but at times it acts as the best overcoming tool for a creative block. You must be thinking of how? A creative mind thinks in several aspects, but when you have a creative block, you need to contract your vision and think within boundaries to stay focused.

6. Finish your task:

Turn your imagination into a reality, give an end to your work. Don’t give up things because you are in a state of a mental block. Think different, step into other shoes and finish your task.


A creative block is a part of your work. Don’t get afraid or shudder of it. The best move is to overcome the block and come up with more creativity and inspiration. We all get a creative block in our lives, and it is probable to stand out at the top. Don’t just get back. Broaden your horizons, take time, change your mediums and the most important is to admire your work. Being self-conscious and hesitant about your work will never let you out of the mental barriers.

You cannot please everyone — people will have art that they like and dislike — the main thing is that you as an artist are happy with your work- Ashley Percival

About the Author:

Devona Michael works at Invictus Studio — professional logo design company as Marketing Executive. She always busy in performing online marketing activities for the company. She is writing blogs for quite a few time ago on latest technologies and trends of Design and IT industry.