The Cleveland Cavalier’s management may change the NBA’s Landscape in a big way

Dan Gilbert faces tough decisions as the next year proves vital for the sustained success of the Cavs’ franchise.

Everybody knows that the number one rule of time travel is that altering one small thing can change the fabric of time forever. Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert will learn that same thing after he acquired Jeff Green and Jose Calderon. These seemingly insignificant moves may have just changed the course of the NBA…

LeBron James was unhappy with the Cavaliers’ management after this offseason, that rumors of him being unhappy in Cleveland have picked up a ton of steam over the past week. Now, after the reports that LeBron is unhappy with Cleveland, Kyrie Irving is unhappy with the way LeBron has interacted with management, and Irving is “done being second fiddle to James” as Stephen A. Smith reports. The internal fractures with the Cavaliers are most likely going to shake up the NBA in a major way.

Everyone says that LeBron is leaving Cleveland. He already won a ring for his hometown, and he probably wants to play for an organization that has better management and won’t continually fail to meet his roster demands. Certainly, if Kyrie leaves the land, then the Cavs won’t likely have a roster built for a King.

Kyrie’s potential move causes all the dominoes to fall. If Kyrie leaves, he will most likely go to Miami or Minnesota because they have the most dispensable trade assets out of any team he is interested in, and because Melo most likely won’t waive his no trade clause unless he goes to the Rockets (but that’s a whole other issue). Thus, Kyrie is either going to make the East more competitive and add talent in South Beach, or strengthen a team on the rise in Minnesota that is a few years away from serious contention.

Then, if LeBron leaves, he will most likely end up in Los Angeles, and if Paul George signs with the Lakers next summer, the Lakers become immediate contenders. Factor in LeBron and you have a serious championship run brewing. Could you imagine a playoffs in 2018 where the Lakers and the Timberwolves are in the top 5 of the Western Conference? Or if the Heat would be in the top 3 of the East? If you told me before the season that it was a possibility I would have thought you were crazy. But this is the NBA we are living in, and it can be a possibility if the Cavs surely do implode.

Nonetheless, unrest is the best word to describe what is going on in Cleveland. If Kyrie leaves due to tension with LeBron, and the best player in the league leaves the following offseason, the NBA will be a lot more interesting, and it seems like a serious possibility.