Bush was installed by SCOTUS
Some thoughts on Tim Kaine (and the election, in general)
Wil Wheaton

I think this is the key part that is missing from the recrimination of Nader narrative. Gore *won* the election. It was stolen through mechanisms that cause many other countries to convulse into mass protest if not outright revolution (indeed, as the brilliant Matt Bors put it in response to Iran’s Green Revolution, “We Reject The American Way Of Life!”).

So yes, we should focus our efforts on defeating Trump. But that doesn’t also mean we shouldn’t push for serious progressive change. Indeed, if Clinton sees large numbers of voters in key states polling that they are supporting Stein, then it stands to reason that democratic forces would push her to adopt a more progressive platform – precisely as Sander’s campaign did.

Change doesn’t come from complacency, it comes from agitation. This is how democracy works.