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I’m really interested to see how cop movies evolve over the next few years, with the resurgent criticism to their brutality coming from the success of #BlackLivesMatter alongside the adulation they have received from Trump. Will we see films from “liberal Hollywood” that present law enforcement as the banality of evil, or as righteous crusaders that serve as our only line of defence against a world of enemies? It seems most of the speculation about how cinema might react to Trump has been around the paranoid thriller genre of the 70s making a comeback, but cop movies never went away, so I think they will make a better test case.

Relatedly, what’s the last Hollywood film that was critical of American heterodoxy that was successful? I’m thinking about the relative failings of all the War on Terror films and even Snowden in contrast with films like American Sniper, Lone Survivor, and even Sully, that are not only pure hero worship but mostly defend rather than critique American exceptionalism.

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