I’m Sorry Mr. Zuckerberg, But You Are Wrong
Rick Webb

Gran’pa’ De Niro is a good example. As an elite, no less than Mark Zuckerberg, “Raging Bullshit”, decided to fertilize the garden in “election fraud”; for such is the criminal and malignant growth, “Hillary Clinton”.

OMG! Gran’pa’ is gonna fight Sylvester Stallone AND the Yellow Narcissus?

This is a “Grudge Match” and hallucination worthy of “Drudge Match Reporting”… except “De Crusher! Drumpf”, as underdog, is now racing, as master, to all he surveys…

Ahhhh … Americana and Underdoggerel- perfect together… or, perhaps, better: That’s a “Yan” “Khee” that can “Doodle”.

“Yan” was, in the American colonies, a name for an “everyman”, like “John Smith”; “Khee” was a cheap, readily-available, stinky type of cheese; “Doodle” was used, by the Tyrant, Angle-Land, to describe a person that was not in possession of their senses.

Taken together, these foreign insults of American, Colonial, fighting abilities and intent, to send the British Mutt walking, were meant to disparage and ridicule the American Revolutionaries; no less than the description, “a deranged, stinky-cheese-smelling, backwoodsman”, might “stick a feather in his cap” and call himself, “fancy”, while “riding on his pony”…

Back in those days, “macaroni (boiled noodles)” was considered “fancy”.

Of course, there was nothing fancy about the cowardice of the Angle-Landers and their general, Cornwallis, when he refused to surrender at Yorktown and, instead, sent one of his underlings to fetch the leash, before they were all sent, on their walk.

I am immensely satisfied the colonial bands played “Yankee Doodle”.

There is nothing about a criminal, English-based, foreign parasite athwart the financial well-being of these, once-United-States, that is “American”; even as the self-serving exaltations of the elites is better described as, “Cowardice”.

They have all been told the status quo must be preserved or they will lose their wealth…

In service to the criminal parasite, English-based-central-banking and their phony Queen, the criminal, Hillary Clinton, the elites have already abandoned their senses, to say nothing of “The Rule of Law”, in their race to the bottom of the pasta bowl…

So many, shit-stained noodles, finger-painting in bullshit, while describing their art to the witless, as, “Patriots, sporting, Yankee Doodles”.

In March 2013, FBI Director James Comey joined the Obama Justice Department- AG Holder, Assistant AG Lanny Breuer, then Brooklyn Prosecutor, now, AG Loretta Lynch, in participating in a TREASON that is directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of American and British Soldiers.[1]

The Iranian “Quds Forces” are proven, as directly, in control of manufacture, first, “IEDs” and now, “EFPs”. [2]

The glaringly apparent, TREASON and participation of the Obama “Just-US Department”, was dictated to them, by the British Finance Minister, George Osborne.[3]

He directed American Law Enforcement to continue allowing a Chinese-English Bank, “Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation”, the “English, Crown Jewell” of banking, to stay-the-course, while laundering terror and drug cartel money for entities that are, at this very moment, murdering American and British Soldiers.

The Angle-Ish, Finance Minister, George Osborne, explained to AG Holder, a prosecution of HSBC would cause the Angle-Ish, criminal, central banking cartel to collapse. This is the seed that Holder would later plant, as “TBTF”.

The fact that he is now and was then, a self-serving liar, is beyond doubt.[4]

The criminal, English-based, central banking system is using counterfeit American Mortgages to prop up their phony system. Eric Holder’s law firm, “Covington — Burling”, invented the machine they use to counterfeit those American Mortgages.

The Clintons deregulated and put the final, coup-de-gras’, to “Glass-Steagall” and they also deregulated “Derivatives”- NOW, the hopelessly “Insolvent” criminal, English-based, central banking system is allowing the banks to counterfeit and rob American homes, using fraud and phony titles…

In order to capitalize on “Insurance Frauds” that are aka, “Derivatives”.

There are, at-present, 1200 Trillion Dollars owed, as outstanding, to these criminal behaviors.[5]

The good news for “Raging Gran’Pa’ De Niro”, Mark Zuckerberg and the other elites is:

“Article 1, Section 8, makes no allowance, whatsoever, the American Electorate must foot the bill for these behaviors”.

The banks have destroyed themselves, NOT, the American People.

The would-be Queen, Criminal Clinton, truly, “has no clothes”; her would-be supporters are, presently, propping a wholly-corrupted, criminal, English-based cartel…

She has “No Clothes”; They have “No Clue”.

~ Michael Keane


[1] Read, Federal Judge Gleeson’s analysis of the plea bargain here: Case 1:12-cr-00763-JG Document 23 Filed 07/01/13.

[2] http://www.globalsecurity.org/intell/world/iran/qods.htm




[3] https://livinglies.wordpress.com/2016/07/15/david-dayen-eric-holders-longtime-excuse-for-not-prosecuting-banks-just-crashed-and-burned/


[4] Eric Holder’s law firm, “Covington — Burling”, created the “Mortgage Electronic Registration System”. It is a fraud of intergalactic proportions. It counterfeits American Mortgages, frankly. Read Professor Christopher L. Peterson’s original expose of the “MERS”, here:


[5] http://www.marketwatch.com/story/this-is-how-much-money-exists-in-the-entire-world-in-one-chart-2015-12-18

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