Is Betting On Horse Racing Easy?

Michael Keenan
4 min readJun 3, 2017

Well the answer is NO.

Betting on horse racing is complex and takes years of experience and by experience I mean making mistakes and actually learning from those mistakes and then though this gain the experience to be able to look at a race and virtually instantly sum it up and make a decision as to if that race is worth betting into. Nothing in life is easy, everything is hard at first and then over time you gain through those learning moments to find a completely comfortable environment. Really if horse racing was easy it would be the most popular sport in the world but its not because there are other forms of gambling which are easier for people to understand. Sports betting is going to be the biggest form of betting in the world because there are just 2 teams ect and you either like one team or there opponent and its as simple as that.

Gambling on horse racing is a skill and only suits certain people and the rest are just fodder for the bookmakers who have especially over the past few years become experts in the art of manipulation. The next time you logon to your bookmakers website ask yourself why the hell does the site look like a poker machine and there you have the answer. There is a psychology to bookmaking in its present form which preys on peoples non-ability for discipline and every-time they slip you a free bet they are not doing you a favor because they know you will more than likely blow $50 or more worth of real money as well. Bait and catch and old trick brought to life at a bookmakers site near you.

For myself at the time of writing this article I am 46 and have been betting since the age of 6 which is not something I would recommend for your children. Sure you get to meet a lot of interesting and checkered characters along the way and learn from there good points and never repeat there bad points, but it would have been nice to have been able to been steered into a different path. Sure I have the choice to do something else but this subject is what I know the most about and I can help others to avoid the mistakes I have made and steer them clear of the pitfalls which can come along. Gambling in every form should always be viewed as a bit of social fun and sure you can make money here and there but to be good at something requires discipline and let’s face it most people lack this skill which is why there is so few professional gamblers. Sure a lot spruke the fact that they are but I can tell you they are lying. A true professional keeps his mouth shut and would never admit this to anyone. Staying out of the picture is part of playing the game and not showing your cards is an absolute gimme.

For myself I am just a grinder I bet to win $50 each time I bet then I walk away. I use a system and everybody has a system if they know it or not. Some people play just number 4 and some people have a love for trifecta’s and there license plate numbers so everyone has a system and its important. If you have a system you like you know that it works otherwise you would not be using it and by using the same system in every bet you are limiting your risk as you know you will hit a result eventually instead of just random numbers for each race where you may never hit a result or series of winning results which is what you really want.

I think I have written enough so the moral to the story is learn by your mistakes and if you want to be good at something practice. Aim low with your possible winnings so only bet to win a small amount and be happy with that. Enjoy what you do and if its not fun anymore you have a choice so just do something else. Always set goals and soon as you hit your goal call it a day. And that’s basically all I can think of as its been a long day and almost midnight.

So in final enjoy and learn, learn, learn.

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