What you really need to know about horse racing?

Had a lot of questions come through the site and to answer the main point.

Think of your betting as a business and its your business to make a certain amount of money each day. Aim low to begin with say $20 bet small and reach your goal and at the end of the year you would have $7300 even if you only bet once per week that is still $1040 a year. See small wins really add up and I am of the opinion that the less you spend the better. You can actually have good wins spending a small amount of money. Use your head and remember the key idea of when you make a bet you are really in fact making a business decision.

Hope this helps and remember always set achievable goals and you will succeed.

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Want to know the greatest trick of professional betting? “Money Management” and the chances are if you use it you will never complain of having a bad losing day again.

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William Hill made a $200 million dollar profit in there first 6 months of operation in Australia now that begs the question are they smarter than the average punter well the simple answer is Yes. Why? Because they know that the more betting options they provide for punters the greater chances they have of winning. Quite simply put the longer you bet the greater your chance of losing and they know the exact ways to keep people betting and hence the huge profit. So is there a way to beat them. Yes there is and the answer is very simple but first you have to realize that you will not make a fortune in a day and I can tell you right now you can make decent money betting but its all about small profits made over time. Set yourself a goal be it 20 or 50 or 100 because that is achievable and once you have reached this target pull out and come back next time. Even a 20 target over the period of 1 year adds up to be $7300 which is a lot of money. Using also the simply practices of money management which is basically put spending 5% of your bank in each bet. Using this method will reap results but no doubt will get you banned from just about every bookmaker but this is where the TAB’s come in as its impossible to get banned from them.

Find out more by reading our Ratings Help Guide

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