Why Keeping a Daily Journal Could Change Your Life
Benjamin P. Hardy

Hi Benjamin, Great Post! Hits home…

I started keeping Journals back in the 80's after listening to Jim Rohn (Tony Robbins’ mentor) share the virtues of Journaling.

I’ve personally filled many hard bound Journals since then, including one I had with me during my daughter’s birth.

With ink still fresh on her foot for her birth certificate, I pressed it on a page in my Journal — and had the doctor and nurses write a little note on the same page. That was 14 years ago and Morgan loves looking at that page from time to time. With a smile she reviews the kind words everyone wrote about her, surrounding her tiny, little foot print. As you can imagine that’s a valuable (recorded) memory for me.

Jim Rohn said, “It’s challenging to be a student of your own life, your own future, your own destiny. Don’t trust your memory. When you listen to something valuable, write it down. When you come across something important, write it down. Take the time to keep notes and to keep a Journal.”

Here’s a quick YouTube message from Jim Rohn on the subject of keeping a Journal:

Maria Popova writes about Journaling on BrainPickings.org with reflections from Thoreau, Emerson, and other great writers:

Henry David Thoreau:

“Is not the poet bound to write his own biography? Is there any other work for him but a good journal? We do not wish to know how his imaginary hero, but how he, the actual hero, lived from day to day.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson:

“The good writer seems to be writing about himself, but has his eye always on that thread of the Universe which runs through himself and all things.”

Benjamin, Thank You for sharing your thoughts on such a valuable and rewarding practice. I hope you continue to inspire others to lift a pen and record their thoughts!